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Hello All,

Just needed to catch up with what I have been dooin these 2 months. Well I have been trying to make this comic book. This is the work that I have done on it till now.

Here are the concept art for the comic book 
The KODA boys by kalabadi-hallaj
Character Dets Gitto by kalabadi-hallajKODA BOYZ: Bobby by kalabadi-hallaj
KODA BOYZ: Gernail Singh by kalabadi-hallajKODA BOYZ: Junaid by kalabadi-hallaj
KODA BOYZ: Sportsman, The by kalabadi-hallajKODA BOYZ: Sambri by kalabadi-hallaj
P.G AKA GOOLI(Bullet) by kalabadi-hallajKODA BOYZ LEADER Toofan by kalabadi-hallaj
KODA BOYS: Bazooka by kalabadi-hallajKODA BOYZ: Hattortra(The Hammer) by kalabadi-hallaj
KODA BOYS: Rangbaaz Ahsan by kalabadi-hallajCharacter Dets Hasan by kalabadi-hallaj
Charsi by kalabadi-hallaj

and here are some of the story boards

KoDa Part 01 StoryBoards by kalabadi-hallaj

I must say i was thinking of finishing this up before the 22nd Aug on my Birthday but I mis-calculated about the Month of Ramadan work got slow But Izzzz all food... (sorry still fasting and me still hungry and little bit light headed) I mean good

Yours Truly,
Mudassar Butt  :iconkalabadi-hallaj:

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Hello All,

I would like to just say To Every one HAPPY RAMADAN UL KARIM here is Today's caricature

Ramadan Ul Kareem by kalabadi-hallaj

come check us out on

My Space:


Mudassar Butt. AKA :iconkalabadi-hallaj:

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Well... so last 2 months march and April My laptop got busted the ROG one. So I had nothing to draw on so I went back to basics and started doing drawings on a handy pocket notepad and here are a few images from it If you guys want me to post all these images on DA individually Just lemme know and I will.

My Laptop was busted for last 2 months by kalabadi-hallaj

Next Month I'll be teaching summer Drawing classes in DHA Library and

Banner add for Summer classes ver 2 by kalabadi-hallaj

Shakir Ali Museum in Lahore

A maybe: Shakir Ali Summer Classes by kalabadi-hallaj

SO, if anybody is in Lahore for the Summer Do check me out


Mudassar Butt.


Hello All,

Well my 3rd Exhibition is on Tomorrow ... :iconfingerscrossedplz: hope it goes Awesomely.

Mudtoonz Exhibition at Alhamra Art Gallery by kalabadi-hallaj

Here is my Dedication to the the only watcher this months :icontegmine: ... So Far Tegmine

Should I color these or let it stay??? by kalabadi-hallaj

Yours Lovingly,

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Hey all,

Well a little bit late but here it is have a Happy New Year to all my watchers and Friends

Happy New Year 2013 by kalabadi-hallaj

and here are the dedications to the guys who are joined me in Dec.

:iconerwinpineda: :iconhakanhizal: :iconlola-ferricks: :icondessabelle: :iconaparicio94: :iconlunatta: :iconxipako: :iconjellyrolldesigns: :icondesignerhuts: :iconsparklinglily123: :icondukemills: :icontheartisticpanda:


Yours Lovingly,

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Hey all,

So :iconashlmet: added me to the Secret Santa list and I made this for :iconxvu: I got picked as Secret Santa for him

here is the drawing I did

Merry Christmas 2012 AKA Milaad-e-Issa (A.S) by kalabadi-hallaj

and here is the line art Digital Version

Merry Christmas To all Muslims Mllaad - E - Issa by kalabadi-hallaj

and here is the colored version (Finally)

Milaad-e-Issa (A.S) AKA Merry Christmas 2012 Color by kalabadi-hallaj

So to all in the list have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and ...

to all Muslims have a Happy Millad - e - Issa (Alaieh Assalam)

:iconicewing-wolf: :iconcrayn: :iconstatic-thing: :iconunialada: :iconeskiwolf64: :iconkrislove45: :iconundead-feline: :iconmysteriousovercoat: :iconkimmi092: :iconrobinrings: :iconfrogata: :iconbubbletea-coyote: :iconakayesia: :iconkellypony: :iconsw3rv3: :iconrusty-le-cat: :icontrezilla: :iconzoinkles: :iconfatlilaslim: :iconspacemeows: :iconchvckles: :iconninja-cat-of-doom: :iconmeli-chan3: :iconshintaree: :iconsafetyhazard: :iconspooningthefrog: :iconfeat-outsider: :iconsteffiesilva: :iconfreakishgirl: :iconglass-spork: :iconveeceethatsme: :iconflamelish: :iconsirooni: :iconmontemarte: :iconmy-dear-masochist: :iconthaikiuchiha: :iconincineroars: :iconthesaphiremoon: :icondalicris: :icongryrofox12: :icontixtox: :iconsunstar-pwns: :iconaestheticcannibal: :iconanimefreakalert2: :iconchucifer: :iconpound3: :iconartistikatt: :iconmaskums: :iconsunshinepaste: :iconellie-belly-bear: :icontheblackcat8: :iconmira-chii: :icontheartisticpanda: :iconskylare-neko: :icondolcemelodia: :iconmelancholy42: :iconstingthecat: :iconifoundthechicken: :iconbunnystar11: :iconpinkplaidrobot: :iconprofessorbootysqueez: :iconneon-apoctiliptic: :iconrenotara: :iconkiora13: :iconasahwallas: :iconkillerqqueen: :iconinuryoko: :iconrattenmutter: :iconprince-dictator: :icontwistedbits: :iconjd-rein: :icontastyreindeer: :iconcocoadile: :iconkrunkatronic: :iconfancydicks: :iconkitwillan: :iconhellofancypants: :iconsamuraidragon: :iconsaridim: :iconkettin: :icondonjaun: :iconluluchiii: :iconblackgle123:

Yours Lovingly,

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Hey all,

I would like to Wish all of you a Happy Eid Mubarak to all my watchers Irrespective of any religion, just Enjoy the holidays.



here is the dedication

Happy Big Eid 2012 (Eid ul Azha) by kalabadi-hallaj

and here is the Line art

Happy Big Eid 2012 (Eid ul Azha) Line Art by kalabadi-hallaj

to this months Watchers Thanks for watching

:iconbatootz: :iconxbuddyforme: :iconlordalam: :iconyummypepsi:  :iconumerr2000: :iconerwinpineda: :iconhakanhizal:

also a very special Eid mubarak to :iconomar-dogan:

P.S I would also like to apologize on the late reading on other people's Journals.... I am like 5 months behind schedual cause I have been working non stop 2 to 3 places at a time.
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Hello all

Thanks to the Watchers of September: when I was 4 by kalabadi-hallaj

This is my this months Thank you Deviation to all the Watchers in September who have started watching me this is a manga Chibi style that I did a few days ago .... but could not upload cause of all that stupid Movie on YouTube "The Innocence of Muslims". Because of that movie my ISP (Internet Service Provider) Shut down its operations for 2 whole weeks(I am not paying for those weeks is what I said to them on the Phone)... So I was with out NET for the last 2 weeks and had go back to listening to BBC, Sky, Reuters, RK and Al Jazeera News Channels to keep in touch. which is really ugly for me I would have rather been watching anime or cartoons instead and on top of that I am still recovering from the Flu (sniff sniff snoowwrtttt  :D ) any how here are the people that have started watching me in September Thanks Again for your appreciation

:iconbuckoe1: :iconall-will-bow-to-zim: :icondragonette1: :iconwaterqueen1994: :iconeldiogo: :iconmaaster: :iconminawaseiko: :iconsonsal01: :iconteaphotography: :iconsam9gfx: :iconxx123diexx: :iconjaymaverick: :iconblackrepubliccrew: :iconnewera14: :icontheflyingtree: :iconbeckivk: :iconflorianziou: :iconpaulbaack: :icon02angelbaby75:
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Well ....
It happened Again and this time it was a movie ... The Entire Muslim World was shock over by a Movie or in face the 30 sec trailer of a Film Released in the US Titled:

"Innocence of Muslims".

And just as soon as the Government announced that this movie is out some of my students even (the less sensible ones) joined the band wagon texting me with spam texts over my network urging me to forward then so that using that we can some how or the other can destroy the US Economy. Now that's Stupid Firstly all major Networks are owned and operated from the US and Secondly the "US government both Left and Right are doing a Pretty good job of doing that" I was quoting George Carlin there... So no I did not forward any spam messages to my contacts ... Then there was this Facebook campaigning in which some how people who don't even pray a single time in the day or they don't even know how to pray are complaining that the guys in the Film should be on death row ... and on top of all this our Government was on the band wagon when none from the GOV even looked at the film cause YouTube has been banned to the General Public by PAMERA the Body that control and regulates the internet data flow in Pakistan. People came out on Friday, who did not even know how the write the Prophet Muhammad's (Sallah ho Alaih E Wa Alihe Wassalim) name to protest but actually they wanted to loot the place and that is exactly what they did 100s died in many of out countries cities and 1000 to 10000s were even injured ... ALL of this happened and not one of them had even watched the movie.

Well I saw the movie

I had to burn a lot of my brain Cells :icononistressplz: the bypass the PAMERA Firewalls but I finally able to see it the 13 min version at that and what I saw shocked me it looked more like a student film project and very poorly made the Film was treated like Monty Python. the first 1 1/2 min of the film the biggest historical inaccuracy made was a guy dressed in Arab Attire slaying a woman wearing the christian cross with a Barbarian Axe. A Barbarian Axe come one talk about poor research. moving along they finally show a guy whose name is mohamed NOT Muhammad and they even pronounce the name wrong and then we see this guy is doing all kinds of stupid things onscreen with poor camera work and lighting that does not match the Backgrounds. Even the Script is poorly written all references about the Quran have either been doctored and falsified. Now I know here is something that might offend Muslims including myself about the falsifying and the doctoring the sayings of the Quran but The protection the Quran has been on Allah Almighty since its conception which has been told to all Muslims time and time again in the Quran. All in all it was a poor attempt in making people angry. But in this era of Social Networking and Smart Phones. Really,

"It was all a Bunch Of Hoowie"

before the Social Networks got a hold of it

and as Far as This MUSLIM is concerned they will have to a better job of it if they want to make me Angry :icondignitylaughplz:

Yours Lovingly,

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Hello All,

mushi mushi,,, :iconsayhiplz:

Well....!!!!!! My 2 nd game is out on google play :iconfinallyplz:... check out the link below :iconrelievedplz:


Alt Link :…

Mega Run Ice Banner by kalabadi-hallaj

do check it out you guys an lemme Know watchya think ????

Also I will be posting the Artwork from this Free version and The in-App purchase Version Due out on the 18 th hopefully :iconsmartyplz:
on the after that also am going to post the the Animating of the characters from the game in Anime Studio Pro Ver 7.0 for those who want to get into making cartoon videos and app games such as this for the Android and the IPod... :iconnosebleedingplz: ... Ooops!!! Soory I get too Excited when ever I talk about Animation and Cartoons. :icononionxdplz: You can expect the Videos to be out soon on my youtube channels:

P.S: lastly i would like to thank all the people who have added me to their Watch list and commented on my caricatures as a THANK YOU to the 200 + people who are watching, especially the people who have joined since this year of march I would like to Dedicate a caricature to all of them thanking them for their appreciation kind Words These last 3 years I am being Pulled to many sides by kalabadi-hallaj ... Will try to color this bad boy and here it is
the Colored Version

The last 3 yrs I'm being Pulled to many sides CLR by kalabadi-hallaj

individually tag all the people who have joined me since March and will make a Series of these thank you Caricatures each month Thanking all the guys who have joined me in that Month. This one is especially for the people who have Joined me at since March of This Year ... Again sooo sorry for being Tardy in my THANK YOUs... THANKS and REGARDS,

Mudassar Butt


Thanks to all of them

:iconthenazzaro: :iconbuckoe1: :iconall-will-bow-to-zim:

:icondragonette1: :iconspartan-locke: :iconmubasher-mudtoonz: :iconlolpeaceoutlol: :iconchoaru: :iconxarabiannights: :iconaskxme: :iconnoreenarshad: :iconweirdaholic: :icongutsopossum: :iconmystory14: :iconcouscousrazboulaky: :iconkuroii-no-okamii: :iconxxblazeheartxx: :iconzack30: :iconzekesaiyanwolf: :iconyui-pon: :icondanigirl489: :iconpointsforfree-bank: :iconmagicalotaku: :iconkokothedragon: :iconpointzda: :iconjakoda: :icontommotaylor14: :icononti12300: :iconbunny-lover14: :icontryingtobeanangel: :iconbbb219: :iconliliacat: :iconjenniferdengspoints: :iconkomachi-lynn: :iconforeverwinx182002: :iconjiggyjiggles: :iconskyewalker38: :iconxarcox: :iconsamir-z3: :iconhanasakeruseishounen: :iconseonidas: :iconfoulscreen: :iconcharlesmuller: :iconbyshieem: :iconantart452: :iconrandomartmanix: :iconroxasluver1: :icongenesh94: :iconmorganadulac: :iconxkawaiicookie881: :iconruusu-chan: :iconmobius25: :iconivehthekidphreak: :iconlordrevenge: :icon0yabu: :iconforsakenbloodlust: :iconold-scorpio1979: :iconthelittlechibi: :iconmaleiva: :iconsavenames--last: :iconplainweird: :iconaramshadow: :iconvictorvps6: :iconfelzlycia: :iconstereophonicdream: :iconcaprisunvampire: :iconshadowbunny698: :iconsophienouveau: :iconsilver-tan: :iconthewolfinme: :iconsameerprehistorica: :iconcheck75:
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Dear ALL,

First of all I like to say (and ask my Self) :icononionxdplz: ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? .... :iconranranruuplz:THANK YOU guys for REALLY Really really liking my stuff that much ... I guess i must be getting better :iconherotimeplz:

:iconcuriosityplz: OMG ... Since April More than 100 people have Added me to their Watch list .... I would like to thank all of you BUT... Alas I have not been able to Say Thanks to most of you due to my TOIGHT (REF: Austin Power's Gold Member) SCHEDULE... But Remember I have not forgotten all of you I will be making a Caricature a Month to thank all the people who add me in that month. Starting with this month and the months since April...


Thanks Again for adding me to your Watch-list...also there were a few people who were watching me but I forgot to watch them... I have fixed the problem do let me know if there is someone left



P.S: New game Comming up on the 24th or 25th of this Month keep checking up on my journals and Concept Art from the Game and the LINK to the Game on GOOGLE PLAY.
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Hey All,

Its been a long time

... but there is no rest for me. I am Swamped for weeks now ... any ways here is an update from me

I have been working at Sofizar Team Appstellation. They mostly make games for the Android Platform and they looked me up on Facebook and hired me as their Senior Game Desingner ... And after 2 weeks of working with them... I am happy and Relieved to say...

my Very First Android Game that I Designed is now on Google Play Click Here ===>…

Go Check it out and let me know how it feels to you...

Also Will be Putting up the Art work by next week if they give me permission for it.

You can also comment on the Page and Rate it and review it. Regards,

Yours Lovingly,

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I got back after a very long 3 weeks work schedule to find out I have crossed a 200 watchers mark Congratulations to mee !!!

I would like to thank All the 209 + people who have this humble artist soooo Very happy and also I never knew it to be possible with the power out for 12 to 15 hrs daily in my country. I guess when there is a will there a way keep liking my art work


LOVE :iconkalabadi-hallaj:
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Hey There!!!

How is every one ???? I just made a new video

demo of my sketching

check it out and Do



My Youtube Channel


Yours Lovingly Mudassar Butt.

AKA :iconkalabadi-hallaj:
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Hey All,

here are the Exhibition Pics from Wednesday 11th. Since Deviant does not allow Sooooo many Photographs at the same time so I am puting my
Facebook Photo Gallery Link for it. Do join my
Facebook Profile page and
Group page to see work from me and my students. Regards,

Your Lovingly,

Mudassar Butt. :iconkalabadi-hallaj:
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Hey  guys I got published Check these links out

me getting Published Page 1
me getting Published Page 2
me getting Published Page 3
me getting Published Page 4

and more to come....

Loveingly :iconkalabadi-hallaj:

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Hello All,

Well !!! It finally happened !!! :iconblushingplz:What do you expect :iconscaredplz: that when you make 5 to 7 paintings in a week :iconawkwardplz:someone is bound to notice you....:iconcheroplz:Enough with the suspense...:iconnosebleedingplz:

My work

is being exhibited in a prestigious gallery in my city of Lahore namely

Shakir Ali Museum

built on the estate of the late

Shakir Ali  :iconripplz:

He was pretty well known locally and internationally as well...

:iconimsorryplz:now for the explanation of why I have not been active these last few weeks after I got better from my 13 day Flu:iconsickplz:...

Well just as soon as I got better from my flu, and i have not been sending the the cartoon comic Thank You message that i post to the New Watchers cause, the Curator at the museum gave me a call to schedule a meeting, and they instantly booked me for an Exhibition in The First week of April

SOOooo!!! I maight not be as active on Deviant till the Exhibition is over :iconsadplz:

loooving ly your :iconkalabadi-hallaj:

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This is a student project done by my two Students

:iconyoutubeplz: ------------->

1. Rania…

2. Warda…

Also this is dedicated to Warda's DAD who died of Cancer recently. Inna Lillah e Wa inna Alaihe Wa Rajioon (may Allah Bless him).
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I Got TAGGED by Sander AKA :iconcaltson:
1. List all your nicknames and why? Be truthful:

"Sensei" cause I teach(cartooning) these days.

"Loser" in school cause I really used to talk about cartoons and Mivies in school...Mostly cartoons.

"Silencer, Fatso, Fatty" because I look Fat cause I have larger bone and muscle mass around my thighs and hips since birth.... Strangely i was the Volley ball captain and Basketball Captain and Vice Captain of the Soccer team in my school and also played a little bit of Rugby. maybe all my other class mates used to be JELLY of me probably... Also cause I was 6 feet tall since the 4th grade lol.... Also very strange cause I jog 3 km daily and Walk 5 Km Daily on The Tread mill or in the Park near my House.

"The doctor" due to the fact that I started my major in Medicine in College then I switched to I.C.T and Graphics They were not offering a major in Bio-mechanical Robotics. :( Sigh

"Mullah" by my Late Grandpa cause I had a keen interest in religious(Islam/Christian/Judiac/Buddhist/Shinto/Roman and Greek/Occult) Knowledge from a very young Age... though I haven't had a beard like the Mullahs or some religious Clerics do.

"My Rotten Egg" by my mom as a joke She's cool like that.
"Puknu" Cause I love to eat chicken and Mutton/Beef.

2. Words that describe me on the inside.   
Dreamer, 5 year old, calculative, love all, make others feel comfortable. be Calm and Relaxed.

3. Words that describe me on the outside.
Thick Thighs Tall/hard to find my show size and suit

4. 5 things that make me angry.
Stupidity, EGO, laziness, Making Excuses, people who don't like Cartoons and the Arts, Overspending and Buying ...

5. Five things that make me happy.
Prayers, Fasting, Ice Cream, Chocolate, Clean Water.

6. Five Things that excite me.
My Job of making Cartoons and teaching them, Good music (all except POP), Anime/Manga (all types), a nice U-Rated Comedy Flick i.e American Pie or national Lampoon. Meeting EXTRA DIMENSIONAL BEINGS

7. Will I ever...  Answer hope so. Hope not or maybe.
Yeah Eventually when I get  free from work.

8. Write a novel.
In the Process of making a Comic book.... :fingerscrossed:

9. Travel in Space.
Not that Often cause I believe in life after Death.

10. Live on a boat.
Maybe if I can afford a YACHT with a WiFi

11. Appear on TV.
Once or Twice attending art exhibitions my MOM and her Friends and Classmates.

12. Own 50 pairs of shoes.
Hardly Impossible to find a Size 12 Shoe here in Pakistan :(

13. Own a horse.

14. Visit the pyramids.
No, hope to someday... but have visited the Acropolis and the Pantheon.

15. Live underground.
I live in a fully functioning basement. lol

16. Bungee jump.
Not yet.

17. Ride a camel.
many times, also Elephants and horses.

18. Have six children.
3 is okay.

19. If I ruled the world three laws I'd make.
1 Public Servants would be on daily Wage on 5 year Contract Especially the President and Prime Minister.
2 Free Education. till Doctorate level.
3 All wartime Funds to be used for research on Alternate fuel and energy that is Safe and Free for all to use.

20. If I were a millionaire I'd buy five things.
1 Feed 1 million people.
2 Hire 1 million people.
3 A car for Each of them and one for myself. :D
4 Install Solar panels in a million houses. including mine. lol
5 Devalue the entire currency system of the world like in Star Trek.

21. Top three of food.
Traditional Bar-BQ,

22. Top three magazines.
JUMP, if I can get my hand on them lol.
National Geographic,

23. Top three websites.
Youtube/ mondo channel

24. Five dream jobs.
Biomechanical Robotic Engineer,
Concept designer for Films,
Car Engine Designer,
Cartoon Film Director,
Jet/Chopper Pilot, that is if the Chopper/Jet is mine

25. Three things I know are true.
People are all intolerant/Racist/and Judging. There are very few HUMANS LEFT IN THE WORLD.
Happy Vegetable/Fruits make Happy Food.
There are things that Go Bump in the Night.

26. I tag The following to do this.

:iconinayatshah: :iconfenrixion: :iconmadeupmiftish: :icontheantmonsters: :iconboo-boo8: :iconbig-9-art: :iconflidds: :iconninaxleon: :icondrunkenmaster2: :iconcrushedlizardlol: :iconursaodyssey: :iconjessicapilot901: :iconfmayang: :iconwhirlpoolthedragon: :iconreezerduck: :icongoddessofair: :iconchissweetart: :icont-star95-art: :iconpokemonpaws: :iconkomyfly: :iconfullondestiny: :iconjoe-maccer: :iconthemoon-sfantasy: :iconmarmaladeskysgirl45: :iconlittleshirt: :iconthegalleryofeve: :iconcrazydumdum: :iconpanhime: :iconkataratje: :iconkiomaru1: :iconshellston: :iconsaulwashington3rd: :icong-fication: :iconthegirltryingtogetby: :iconcenerecosplay: :icontwilight-wolf127: :iconfoxie11heart: :icontiffany-windsong: :iconmrrokas: :iconlzprojects: :iconmr-roth: :iconspaniard12: :iconasaiba: :iconnano006: :iconlalunacatchadora: :iconh0opss: :iconloshcomixfan:
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So :iconakaides: tagged me

1.emm okey if you meet  me in  real live  what would you tell me?

@ 1. Round one fight ... hadou kenn LoL .... or we would have a Samurai and nin nin Showdown ROFL

2.Do you have any animal in  youre home?

2. 3 Pigeons and a 3 cats... the cats stay outside and the pigeons are on the roof window and a pair of DOVES... though none of them are pets but they live in our house.... and we put out food for them.... but they choose to do as they please... most of the times the kittens though slash my car tyres LOL.

3.What do you think agout Godzilla?


4. I have my girlfriend her name is Toshiba (:  do you have one to?

4. Haawww Hawww mines name is Dell though I also have a Gurl on the side her name is ASUS LOL

5.Who would you be if you can to choose     a mangakka? a singer?....

5. I would say I would be Wolverine Weapon X :D

6.okeyy  what kind of person in youre opinion am I?

6. hmm .... I would say your fave colours are RED and bright orange ... your second favourite preference would be black and white... from this I would say that you like the evenings and mornings.... you may be nocturnal .... you like seinen stuff and maybe alittle bit into shojo cause your art includes good looking meto type males...

7. Do you like to be tagged?

7. don't mind at all...:)

8.Do you like make up?

8. I do wear make up but only eye mascara cause Its allowed in our culture for males... tough nothing more... but I do occasionally have to do my sis's makeup when she is in a hurry and can't do it herself... :D

9.i see you what will you ddddoooo?

9. Same answer as question 1... I would slightly unsheath my MURAMASSAH and prepare for our Duel .... I watch too much Bleach and Fairy tail... lol.

10. i must to go for a walk with my dog      do you want to go with me?

@10. Sure. but dogs some how or the other get scared of me.... weird.... i'm not a scary guy though.... :crazy: